Below is a picture and description of each banner that is used at some point in the worship at Good Shepherd.

God’s Work. Our Hands.
This banner was created at Vacation Bible School in July 2008 by the kids placing their hand-prints on it.

Friday Fun Flock
This banner was created with the help of the kids at Friday Fun Flock on September 17th, 1999. Each child present traced their hand, had it cut out, and placed on the cross.

Mission Statement
The Mission Statement for Good Shepherd Lutheran Church of Liverpool, PA is “As a worshipping community of God’s faithful servants we, the Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, endeavor to show the love, hope, and comfort of Christ by carrying God’s word to all.”

70 Words of Strength
This is the latest banner for the 40 days of Lent, 1999. Emphasis is on “The Lord’s Prayer”, reminding and asking worshippers to pray the Lord’s Prayer every day during Lent.

1999 Stewardship
This banner accompanies the pomegranate banner with stars as a symbol of the Light in our lives.

1999 Stewardship
Designed and made for the Fall Stewardship emphasis, Col. 3:16, this banner features the Biblical fruit pomegranates, which reminds us of the abundance of gifts from our Heavenly Father.

The Lost Sheep
Extremely appropriate for Good Shepherd Church, the New Testament book of St. Luke, chapter 15, verse 4 and following, tells of 99 sheep in the fold (sheep pen) and one missing. The shepherd seeks the one in danger. Can you find the missing sheep in this banner?

Good Shepherd Church
The only banner featured every Sunday in our chancel includes our name, location, symbol, and one Biblical theme (John 21:15). Jesus says, “Feed my sheep”. The shepherd staff and the Latin cross are the symbols.

The Baptismal Banner is featured on Sundays when there is a Holy Baptism celebrated. The center chief symbol is a seashell, which reminds us of water, the gift of the Holy Spirit which gives us life.

The Christmas Banner is featured during the 12 days of Christmas. It highlights the star that led the seekers to the manager in Bethlehem and proclaims the message of the angels; “The Savior Is Born”.

The Pentecost Banner is featured on Pentecost, 50 days after Easter, and during the entire Pentecost season. Tongues of fire and the dove of the Spirit highlight this banner.

Easter &
Christ the King
The cross and crown are ancient symbols to represent the Savior and his victory over death. This banner is featured on Easter Day, the Sundays after Easter, and Christ the King Sunday, the last Sunday of the church year.

The purple color gives background to the entire banner reminding us of the Passion of Christ. There are three Latin crosses, Calvary, and the faithful few, highlighted in blue, who trusted even in the face of death.

Displayed the first Sunday of the church year, the star and Bethlehem buildings guide us during the four Sundays before Christmas and the word of the prophet Isaiah, “Prepare the way!” teach us our duties.

Symbols of the Good Shepherd and his staff highlight the multicolored word CELEBRATE, reminding us of the joy of our Christian worship.